First Post

So I confirmed yesterday that I am pregnant & decided to start a blog to document it! Here is just a quick prompt to get the ball rolling for me!

How did you find out you were pregnant?

I honestly had suspected it after J and I had sex around the time I was ovulating (which by the way was not planned) I hadn’t thought about it until two days later. Well, according to my period tracker the day to start had rolled around and nothing happened, I waited a few days, took a test, negative. After a couple more days another negative test. Figured I wasn’t pregnant and the cramping I had been feeling was my period gearing up to start. After another week I went ahead and assumed I was pregnant, bought another test, along with prenatal vitamins to start, went home, took the test and there it was, “pregnant.” So I went ahead and told J, but like I mentioned before we already knew.

How far along were you?

6 weeks and 5 days

Was your partner there with you to read the results or did you break the happy news later?

He was working, but since we had the suspicion I decided to just text him a picture of the test & congratulate him (baby fever is painfully real).

What’s your due date?

July 9, 2017

What was your initial reaction to the news? What thoughts went through your mind?

It was honestly a bittersweet confirmation. I had a miscarriage in October 2015, and I feel like that kinda kickstarted the whole baby fever thing. I was already suspicious so my only concern currently is school & moving into a bigger place.

What were your earliest pregnancy symptoms?

Acne, sore tata’s, cramping (not enough to be painful, enough to be annoying), fatigue beyond anything I’ve ever experienced, fast food cravings (if you know me you know I hate fast food), and my cats suddenly NEED to be laying on my stomach.

As I have more to talk about I definitely will continue to post (and make this blog nice and pretty), I have a ton of prompts saved on Pinterest. I also would like to start making weekly update videos & probably share them on YouTube. Very much looking forward to the crazy journey ahead of me. Until next time, xx.


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