Week 7 

I will be doing weekly bump updates (or lack thereof currently) so, here is my first one! 

I also want to buy a scale so I can weigh myself weekly because I would love to keep track of that, just to see how my body changes.

I’ve also looked I to buying pregnancy journals, but I am struggling to find anything I absolutely love, so what I might end up doing is creating a bullet journal for pregnancy. Also I have this blog!

Now that I am done with the rambling of plans, let’s get into the pregnancy stuff!

I don’t think I have been having any funky cravings beyond the norm, but I’ve noticed, not everything sounds good, so sometimes I have to walk the isles at the grocery store until something jumps out at me. Most recently it was sour patch kids & spaghetti-o’s! J and I are going grocery shopping & setting a meal plan, so I don’t get too crazy about the junk food.

I’m still feeling very tired, and very worried about starting the prenatals so late (4 days ago). I am getting an appointment set up with my OBGYN for my first prenatal visit, but I would like to switch to a midwife after that. I’ve done loads of reasearch on midwives and home birth, so that it’s the route J and I agreed we would like to take. If not a home birth, at least a midwife for sure, unless there are complications that require otherwise.

Alright, onto baby! I will be taking the information off of The Bump app & I will go ahead and add a link just incase anyone else is interested!

Just a few fun facts:

Baby is the size of a blueberry!!

Baby’s generating about one hundred new brain cells each minute!
Not only is baby’s brain becoming more complex, but the heart is too.

Also important: Baby’s developing a permanent set of kidneys.

J and I really like looking at these things, and reading about the baby’s development. It’s feeling more real each day. Check back for week 8 & hopefully I will have more when I do my first prenatal visit! Until then, xx!


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