Week 8

I found a birth center & made my first appointment! This girl has literally been researching birth plans and centers every day, since I suspected I was pregnant anyway.  I’ve always been sure I wanted to go through a midwife as long as my pregnancy is low risk. Ideally I would love to do a home birth, but seeing as J and I are currently in an apartment that won’t be happening, (not to mention, the closest midwife I’ve found that attends home births in my area is roughly 2 hours or so away).

My first appointment will be on December 14th; by then I will be just over 10 weeks! We decided to wait a couple extra weeks, so that way we will be able to hear the heartbeat on our first appointment! I’m very excited for it!

Alrighty! Onward to the stuff I created this blog to keep track of!


  • No specific cravings, but I am LOVING junk food & fruit. Fast food has been sounding yucky this week, and I literally salivate when I see fruit or pictures of fruit.
  • Fatigue – seriously, I feel like I need to hibernate to feel well rested. I hope that adding coconut oil into my diet will help give me some extra energy.
  • Moody – lately if anyone talks too much to me I get severely annoyed, this might be due to being tired & my brain being in sleep mode. I also cry at the drop of a pin.
  • Tender/swollen breasts – I cringe at the thought of wearing bras anymore, might be time to run out and get some sports bras.
  • Dizziness – this usually only happens in the mornings, again I think because I’m eternally exhausted & probably a little hungry.
  • Nausea – I’ve been fighting this one, and so far its only been one day, fingers crossed I can muscle through it!
  • Cramping – Every time I feel cramping I panic a little, sometimes I also get annoyed at it because it is really uncomfortable more than anything.

Fun baby facts:

  • Baby is the size of a raspberry!
  • Baby’s tail is gone
  • Baby is also moving around like crazy!
  • Taste buds are forming – I swear this has to be why I feel yucky

I also think I managed to come up with a cute way to announce it to my parents, which I will share about when the time comes. Still have to think of a cute way to tell J’s parents, but we have a few weeks still since we are waiting until the risk of miscarriage drops.

That’s all I have for now folks! Until next time! xx


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