Telling My Family

So, telling my parents didn’t go as planned. I tend to cave under pressure, or even if I think there’s pressure I cave. So I am really bad at keeping secrets and surprising people.

Anyways I found out I was pregnant just before my parents left for Vegas, and when they came back they brought us souvineers. Those souvineers happened to be shot glasses. For some reason I got awkward about them, because I was going to make a joke and say, “oh, well I can’t use those.” Of course right after I opened them Jacob called me and I told him my mom was there and she got us shot glasses and was awkwardly trying to end the phone call so he wouldn’t say something stupid. Overall it was an uncomfortable encounter for me and I already know I’m the one who made that weird.

Second instance was when I was craving Arby’s, which I never eat and I happened to be on the phone with my mom at the time & she asked me, “do you even eat Arby’s?” My face kinda flushed and I tried to chalk it up to not eating yet that day, and she didn’t ask anymore questions.

After that there wasn’t anything until thanksgiving when I started bawling my eyes out because my parents wanted to go shopping at 3. I don’t think my mom paid it any mind though, because I’m generally a grinch during the holidays anyways.

What finally made me tell them was the other night when my mom invited us over to have a couple of beers, I got really weird again and started kinda stumbling over my words. Basically it was just a mess. So we decided to tell them that night because I clearly was having a difficult time with the big secret.

Just a quick backstory

When I was 12 years old I was supposed to have a birthday party on July 9th. Well, on that day my little sister, Cady, decided to enter the world outside of the womb, so my birthday was cancelled. Now I don’t recall necessarily being angry about it, but I was a little salty because I didn’t really have birthday parties as a kid. I bugged my parents to let one of my friends come up there and spend time in the waiting room with me but they weren’t having it and I was pretty much just a passive aggressive brat. Anyways, my parents have shared that story with Cady & she doesn’t let me live it down.

Fast forward to now, that is how I told my parents because right now July 9th is my estimated due date. When we got to their house I said something along the lines of, “remember how Cady ruined my 12th birthday party? Well payback is happening next year.” My mom, she thought I was joking and was laughing and was like, “how are you going to do that? Are you going to have a baby?” I told them I was and for a few minutes my parents thought I was messing with them, and asked to see the pregnancy test. I showed them a picture and my stepdad was like, “that’s fake I’ve seen it on google.” So I showed them the one with one of my cats in the background. Eventually they settled down and just wanted to be sure that we were okay and that we weren’t setting our lives aside. The rest of the night they managed to keep their cool and then the next day they started to display their excitement. My stepdad has apparently been researching a lot of baby stuff to get for us & he told my mom he hopes it’s a boy (we do to).

I’m glad it went well, and it doesn’t surprise me that they are excited. I could tell they had baby fever (they’re really young) but maybe having a grandchild will suffice, and maybe even be better.

We were going to do something really fun for Cady, but it got hard to speak in code with her around. So Jacob and I stopped at target and got this card for her.

At the bottom I wrote, “Coming July 9th, 2017.”

When we gave it to her she read it and her face turned so red & I swear she turned into a combo of these emojis 😱😍. I couldn’t believe how excited she was. Then we told her the due date & she got a little upset but her excitement outweighed it. We explained that due dates are just an estimate and that eased her mind.

Overall,telling my family went really well and I still have one more sister to tell, so I think we’re going to wait until Christmas to tell her. As for Jacobs family, were going to wait to share the news with them, because when I miscarried last year we told a couple of people and it spread like wildfire, I don’t want to go through telling them we miscarried again, especially since they weren’t sensitive about it. So we will wait until the risk goes down.

Well, that’s all I have for now, so until next time! xx


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