Week 9

A little late with this one (as I post it on the first day of week 10), but not much has really changed. However, my stomach is most definitely swelling up a little bit more, you can’t really see it, but I can feel it.

 J and I are thrilled about our appointment on the 14th, it will be great to finally be able to see our little jelly bean, and to be honest I’m gonna probably cry. My family is stoked about it too, my mom is already planning to get baby furniture for her house, and my little sister is all about planning a baby shower. I’m so thankful for all of the love and support I have been receiving from those who we’ve told, even if the excitement from some is more overbearing than others. 

We’ve also started dabbling in house hunting, not super seriously, but we want to start gaining an understanding of how the home buying process goes & finding a realtor we like. We’ve also managed to adjust our finances & have what I think might be our winner for budgeting, but before I share that I want to make sure we have it perfected.  

The biggest milestone for baby at week 9 was that it is no longer an embryo, it finally graduated to fetus! 

Moving on to how I was feeling for week 9:

Fatigue – yes still, at this point I firmly believe that first trimester mothers are meant to hibernate. 

Nausea – very mild and I would hardly call it that, I don’t get it frequently and I’m not sure it’s even from being pregnant. 

Moody – I still cry at the drop of a pin and I’ve noticed this past week I get agitated pretty easily and am finding myself wanting to deal with people less and less. 

I still haven’t noticed any specific cravings, it’s honestly just whatever sounds good at that moment. So J and I have to list options before i can decide. Unfortunately, sometimes nothing sounds good to eat. 

That’s all I have for now, I apologize for it being jumbled as I couldn’t piece together my thoughts very well this time around, but until next time! xx


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