Our First Appointment 

So on Wednesday we had our first visit with the midwife and we both loved her and the birth center. The birth center we chose is the only free standing birth center in our area and since it isn’t very easy to find a midwife that will attend a home birth in our area this is the next best thing for us! 

We checked in, finished up a small bit of paperwork & then the nurse took us back and showed us around. The center is very much set up like your standard doctors office, only much more home-like, which is what they advertise. They have two birthing rooms which resemble bedrooms in someone’s home, and a bathroom attached to each, the bathrooms slightly differ and look more like a bathroom you would see in a medical facility, but they were still very cozy. Since I plan to do a water birth, I focused on the bathrooms. 

The first thing to do when anyone gets to their appointments is take their vitals, you do this on your own, or have your partner or spouse help with it. It’s just taking blood pressure & weight. After the nurse took my vitals, we went into a room where she had a few extra questions about my health history and J’s as well as some vaccines offered during pregnancy & birthing options. We also discussed some tests that could be run on my blood to check for genetic disorders & disabilities as well as the sex of the baby! 

When we finished up with the nurse, I had to pee in a cup and then they took us into an exam room where I would have my blood drawn & a full head to toe physical. The midwife, Heather, came in after my blood was drawn and we chatted with her for a little bit, and she got to know both of us, then she brought out the Doppler to see if we could hear the baby’s heartbeat. Unfortunately we couldn’t, so she rolled in a portable ultrasound machine and we got to see the little booger instead! 

Here is the image we have (and my poorly drawn diagram), it’s kind of difficult to tell, since it was a scan, but we could see the baby’s heartbeat was strong. The little guy has two arms and two legs and is one heck of a wiggle worm! We couldn’t hear the heartbeat due to my uterus being tilted towards my back, so the baby is pretty far back. Even to be able to see it she had to push down kinda hard, so it’s no wonder it was wiggling around like it was trying to swat bees away from its head. J and I already have so much love for the little nugget, my midwife even made a note in my file about how obviously excited J was. 

After the fun stuff I got my physical, and unfortunately a pap bc my OB/GYN never gave me one before. While I was as getting my pelvic exam my midwife exclaimed, “wow you have a really great pelvis for giving birth!” Jacob and I both got a good laugh out of it. Once all that stuff was done I was good to throw some clothes on & J and I were on our way! My next appointment will be in the second week of January, which is also when I start school! I will be making a list of questions for my midwife seeing as J and I failed to do so this time around because we thought we would remember. Until next time! xx


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