Week 12 Update – Happy Holidays! 

Between the holiday chaos, the most exciting thing to happen this week was receiving the gender envelope! My mom has it for safe keeping, and I have verified that it is still sealed. So far my little sister has tried looking through it, J tried to get my mom to tell him what it is by sneaking it into conversation, and my stepdad sent Jacob a text offering up the gender for $20. Let it be known that my parents don’t have any idea yet. But we’re all anxiously waiting until our TBA gender reveal (possibly party). 

We finished telling my family the news on Christmas Eve. I bought my sister a newborn onesie from Hallmark that says, “my aunt is awesome.” When she opened it both her and her fiancé were a little confused but it set in after about 30 seconds. They both also thought it was a joke, and after we moved on her fiancé said, “holy crap you guys are having a baby.” We all laughed because it took him longer to process and then they were both excited and can now relieve some of their own baby fever. 

We also called my grandparents on my stepdads side, which we do every Christmas since they live so far away, and told them the good news. We let my sister do the honors in telling them that she was going to be an aunt and they were very excited, until my grandfather realized he was now going to be great-grandfather and grandfather to babies very close in age, but he’s called opa, so we will probably just keep that. They were all still very excited. 

Next my mom shot my stepdads sisters a text and told them, they also seemed excited and both congratulated me. My mom told them that we have the gender envelope and they also tried to pry it out of her. Then one of them started texting me and asking if my mom could tell her, I said no, but after she asked I thought maybe J and I could make a live stream of the reveal so that way my long distance family will be able to watch. 

Today (Christmas Day), we told Js mom and her husband as well as his dad and sister. First we waited until everyone left his moms (except his sister), and then we pulled his mom and her husband into a separate room to tell them, they were excited hugged us both and his stepdad was like, “I called it!” I laughed and asked what he meant and they said they were trying to guess who would be next to have a baby. When we went back downstairs, after a few minutes I sent his sister a picture of the sonogram and I watched her reaction to it, their mom was watching her too because she caught on to what I was doing. She was also excited! 

Overall we’ve gotten a really positive response from everyone we’ve told which is awesome. We are so lucky to have so much support from everyone we love. 

How I’ve been feeling hasn’t changed much, doesn’t look like my belly has either! The most noticeable difference so far is that the lower half of my body, from my belly button down, is always in some sort of dull pain. Especially my lady bits. I wouldn’t exactly call it pain, so much as discomfort. Almost like a very very mild yeast infection? I don’t know if that’s the exact way I’d describe it, but the way I feel makes me want to sit with my legs crossed and not move. Everyone I’ve talked to about it says it’s totally normal! It’s just my body changing for baby! I will still be asking my midwife about it at the next appointment. Additionally, as my stomach starts to swell I notice that the rolls I used to get when I would sit down are now just one giant roll. My stomach doesn’t roll & it is becoming quite solid, probably because I don’t have much skin there, so it’s all growing. 

We interrupt this program to bring you J interrupting me trying to take an updated belly picture! I’m crying at how cute it turned out though 😭💖

Our baby now has all it’s parts! Now he or she is focused on growing and maturing. Baby also is developing reflexes and opening and closing his or her hands! 

One of the most memorable moments from this week was a text message I received from J after I told him my mom and I picked up the gender envelope. 

I already know if there’s a girl cooking in my stomach she’s gonna be feisty and high maintenance, and 100% a daddy’s girl. I think either way we will both be thrilled. J always kisses my belly and exclaims how we’re going to have a baby! It makes my heart melt every single time. We’re so excited to meet our little mini! 

Until next time! xx


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