We’re engaged! 

So last night(12/29), after we both got home from work/errands, J was acting slightly odd. By odd I mean he kept hugging me and being cuddly and affectionate and just all over me. He also kept telling me he loved me and he always asks me if I will marry him, and I always tell him he knows I’ll say yes when he’s being serious. We went on back and forth like that for about an hour, off and on, and then my mom called me and was being weird too. Like she called but had nothing to say to me, and out of nowhere was like, “I just wanted to see your clean house,” when she had seen it literally the day before (a clean house for us is a miracle btw). Anyways, it was a very awkward phone call and I had a hunch something was up, but I didn’t want to say and be wrong. 

After a little bit I decided I was cold and wanted to take a bath, which is usually what I do to warm myself up quickly (or shower). J went right back to being weird and I started telling him no because I honestly just thought he was messing with me, eventually I said, “if you’re being serious where’s the ring?” He responded with, “you want a ring? I’ll go get you one right now!” Of course I stopped him, I still wasn’t taking him seriously and he jokingly left the apartment and came back in after like 5 seconds. At that point I was just shrugging off how he was acting because I figured he was being goofy. 

He came into the bathroom again and said he was getting in with me, so I moved over and let him join. At this point I could see that he had something in his hand, but again I tried to ignore it because I would have felt dumb if I was wrong. The rest is honestly a blur because I was trying to keep from getting emotional but he showed me the ring and all I could get out is, “are you being serious right now or messing with me?!” He said he was being serious and handed it to me to examine and put on. I did good with not crying! And I’m proud of myself for that, of course I immediately pulled him in and hugged him and was still trying to keep from getting emotional. 

Once it set in I started bantering off questions, how he got it, when, how long he had been planning it. He got a little annoyed and was like, “do you have to ask right now?” Yes! Maria doesn’t do surprises well! 

He didn’t tell me how long exactly, but for a few weeks is what I got out of him. He told my parents he’s been wanting to for a really long time he just didn’t know how to surprise me without me knowing. I always told him I loved my moms blue diamond solitaire and I’m sure she would let me use it until we got our own. My mom was ready to hand the ring over, but my stepdad said he didn’t want me wearing a hand-me-down engagement ring. He wanted me to have my own. So, my parents helped J buy the ring so the purchase could be hidden from me. 

I feel like I say it all the time, but I am incredibly grateful for my family, and my whole support system. Now I just have to get used to using the term fiancé, though we already call each other husband and wife (just to each other though). That’s all for now! The wedding will be an elopement sometime after baby and we will be traveling to somewhere warm, salty, windy, and sunny (hint: a beach). Until next time! xx 


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