Week 13 – Happy New Year! 

For starters I hope everyone had a fabulous and safe New Year’s Eve/Day! I know we sure did! 

New Year’s Eve was a relaxing day for J and I. Eventually, I got bored of laying around the house and went out to hobby lobby to pick out a frame for a project I wanted to finish. If you follow my Instagram, then you’ve seen what I’m referring to, if not here it is! 

I’m always seeking out decoration ideas for our very plain abode, and I’ve had several variations of this one saved on my Pinterest and Etsy for quite some time now. What I decided to do was combine some of the ones I liked the most and make something that was somewhat my own. To begin. I opened up a blank photoshop document that was sized 16x20inches. As I was typing out the quotes, I downloaded a bunch of different fonts from dafont.com and picked the ones that I felt fit best. I literally would type a line, find a font, type a line, find a font. This worked best for me because I started out with a few fonts that I thought I would like and ended up not even using them. After I finished typing out and aligning the document, I uploaded it to the Office Max site and ordered a print. The frame I bought was 13x19inches, so after picking up the print I used the little stock photo that came with the frame to measure out where to cut my print and viola! Popped the bad boy in! I’m actually really happy with how it turned out, aside from the fact that the paper is seriously thinner than you’re standard copy paper. I’m thinking I will eventually replace that with a more durable print, but for now it’s perfect! 

Every year, where I live, they do fireworks on New Year’s Eve and every year J and I go, it’s like our little tradition, plus this girl LOVES fireworks! The shows are always pretty neat because they sync up the fireworks with music and you tune into one of the local radio stations and you can listen to the music that goes along with th fireworks! One of my favorite shows was memorial weekend (I think 2015) they opened up the show with the Circle of Life from The Lion King (which happens to be one of my all time favorite movies) and the fireworks synced up perfectly, basically my life was made at that very moment. 

The rest of the night was spent with my family just hanging out, they were drinking. We watched Napoleon Dynamite and Rockin’ NYE festivities. I also worked on my 2017 Bullet journal, which is plan on sharing on here once I get it totally set up! Overall it was a nice night! All I did today was work and sleep! 

Time to get to the fun stuff! First, can we all just celebrate the LAST week of the first trimester!! Week 12 wasn’t too crazy for me. Still not a ton of visible change in the ole tummy, but man, I can feel it. I shaved my legs tonight and it was physically uncomfortable because my belly skin doesn’t roll anymore. It just stays stiff and in the way. I’m still experiencing pelvic pain, and might switch to sleeping on the couch to see if that helps. I’ve also noticed an increase in discharge, my lovely tracker warned me about that a week ago. J can’t seem to keep his hands off my belly, his excitent is very contagious. We’re still waiting on his blood results to come back, and when they do I will talk about it in my original genetics post. As long as everything is in the clear we have a gender reveal to plan! And a move to make happen! We’re also thinking about doing the baby-moon thing, but I’m a little on the fence yet, just with school starting and everything else going on. If we decide to take that route I’ll be sure to share about it! Enough about me though, let’s talk about the real star of the show! 

Our baby is the size of a lemon now! Peanut is forming vocal cords and teeth already, and  he/she even has fingerprints! It’s so amazing what the female body is capable of, we literally grow humans, I love biology so much! Baby also might be sucking his or her thumb in there, but we don’t have any way to see that currently. Maybe the midwife will let us have a peek at our next appointment. 

One of the most memorable moments from this week was (obviously) J proposing! He’s probably going to be what I talk about most for memories, at least for a little while. One of the funniest things he says is that he’s my doula and we won’t need one, but he calls himself guru because he forgets the word doula. 

Also there’s this gem from my best friend! 

That’s all I have to talk about now, tune in next week, or perhaps sooner, for another update! xx 


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