Week 14 – finally into the second trimester

We made it to the second trimester! HOORAH! 

Wow, a LOT has happened this last week as far as our personal lives go. We moved into a bigger space over the weekend, which is why my update is a little late, and I started school today (1/9). I will probably talk about school in separate posts though, because I want to keep track of my progress there was well. If you follow me on twitter you will also know that we opened our gender envelope! We posted a cute little reaction video, but let’s be honest, the real reactions were off camera after it all set in. We both have random bursts of, “we’re having a  ___!” Both of us are completely thrilled & are referring to baby by name now, and already have a lot in the works as far as a nursery goes and I am super excited to start sharing about that. 

I’m pleased to say that my energy is finally kicking back in, and while I don’t believe in the eating for two mentality, my appetite most definitely thinks I should be. I eat more than I even want to admit. Also, the urge to pee all the time hit me like a bus on Friday, it’s especially bad when I’m standing, I was paranoid about it being a UTI, but alas when I am sitting or laying down the urgency goes away. I guess it’s safe to say babes is growing in there quite a bit! 

Our babe is probably in there thumb sucking, and wiggling around like crazy (last I saw there were definitely some wiggles going on). 

A few of our baby’s internal organs are starting to function, the kidneys, liver, and spleen to name a few. 

Baby has also doubled in size in comparison to last week. Measuring at about 3.4 inches & weighing in at about 1.5 ounces! 

The biggest highlight from this past week was finding out the sex of our little babes! Moving would be the next highlight, it was especially difficult finding a new place to take pictures, most likely the wall in our bedroom will not be a permanent spot, but we will see. Here was an attempt I liked, just not enough to use for my update. 

The curve in my back is insane! Belly hasn’t been growing too much, I’m not complaining though, it’s uncomfortable enough and it’s still gonna get way bigger! 

That’s all the excitement I have for this little update! We have an appointment on Thursday so I will talk about how that went when I recap this week, until next time! xx


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