School thoughts..

My first week of school has come to a close, and this whole week has been a roller coaster, both in and out of school. With my pregnancy, school, and work, I have been very busy and tired and honestly a little stressed out while adjusting to the change of pace. 

I cannot even begin to put how I feel into words. Cosmetology, specifically the hair aspect, has always been a passion of mine. I frequently found myself being shot down & told I should just get a “real” education instead of wasting my time and money on something that people don’t make much money doing. Personally, I feel that if you’re getting paid to do something your passionate about, you’re already wealthy. The final push for me to enroll was when a friend of mine, who is currently in cosmetology school, went to a salon convention and got to meet one of my idols, Guy Tang. When I saw her pictures with him, I was incredibly envious, and it made me realize what I needed to be doing. So literally that following Monday I went in and enrolled for classes and now here I am, in only my first week and flourishing! 

My goal is to become an artist that others can look up to and admire, as I do Guy Tang and so many other hair artists. I think I am definitely in the right track because my passion is surely showing! 


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