Week 16

Holy cow it sure does feel like time is flying by, I feel like I just wrote my week 15 update yesterday! Probably since I have been crazy busy between regular life, work, and school. 

Not a whole lot has happened this past week aside from my belly going through what appears to be daily growth spurts. Little babes is getting big in there. Also my boobs, my goodness as I grateful to have small boobs because as these puppies are growing with baby they are becoming a pain in my behind. 

Can I just take a second to express how WEIRD it is to be pregnant. I feel like no body ever tells you how crazy these changes feel. I can’t touch my toes anymore, and my stomach being super large is probably the weirdest sensation for me ever. It’s starting to kinda be in the way unless I’m lying down, and I’m not even that big! I just needed to throw that out there, growing a human is fascinating and weird business. 

My regular symptoms have died down a bit, still have some mild back pain, which I expect is normal. I eat like a freaking pig, semi-normal. Though Jacob was making fun of me at lunch today because I ate so much, how thoughtful. I got a laugh out of it too though. Still craving randoms, nothing in particular though, the other night it was Cook-Out (if you’re from the Carolinas/Georgia you know what I’m talking about) however the nearest one is 13 hours away so I just sat in bed pouting. 

As far as baby goes, here’s what’s new for this upcoming week! Baby’s little ear bones are forming, so he or she is listening to my voice (Jacob has seized this as an opportunity to talk to my stomach as much as possible so the baby, “likes him more”). Also baby is growing hair and forming tastebuds! It’s is estimated that the babes is measuring in at about 4.6 inches long and weighs about 3.5 ounces. I am on high alert for baby movements as well, even though I’m sure I won’t feel them for a few weeks. 

Memories from the week: I got nothing. I discovered grocery shopping online last weekend though, which to me is pretty exciting because I can be even lazier and do all my shopping online then just go pick up my groceries. 

Jacob sent me this hilarious snap earlier in the week:

I love him.

Also, I captured this gem when Jacob fell asleep with his hand on my belly. 

That’s all I have for this last week! 

Tomorrow is our appointment with the genetic counselor, finally! So be on the lookout for an update hopefully soon! 

Until then, xx


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