Week 17

Holy cats! Can you say belly growth spurt?! I’m definitely feeling it. I feel like I’m always saying that no one ever talks about how WEIRD it feels to be pregnant. Your lady bits get sore, and when you blink your belly gets bigger. 

We have our amniocentesis coming up this week, I’m so incredibly nervous, mainly because I don’t handle large needles very well. I swear whenever a nurse comes near me even with an IV or to take my blood, I start crying and throwing a fit. The last few times I’ve gone through that I managed to hoist up my big girl pants and suck it up, but this ones going into my stomach! However, I am slightly excited because they will do an ultrasound during the procedure & we will get to see baby again! 

My dreams are generally on the weird side to begin with, so I don’t really consider this a symptom per se, but the last few nights they have been quite vivid. My belly is starting to itch, I need to be remembering my vitamin E and lathering up the belly with lotions and oils. Also, today marked the first day of unbelievable heart burn! Oh my goodness, I’m not ready for that to continue. Still impatiently waiting to feel wiggles, but it will probably be a couple more weeks before that.

Some fun things happening with baby this week – the cartilage is turning to bone & baby is fattening up, easuring in at about 5.1 inches and weighing about 5.9 ounces. 

I am drawing a blank on any memories from the past week, it’s been kinda hectic between work and school and just life in general, but I get a mini vacation from work at the end of this week – beginning of next week. So that will be a nice break. 

That’s all I really have for now, I will be updating about the amniocentises, so keep an eye out! xx 


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