Week 18

Hello & happy week 18! Man, we’re almost to the halfway point and so much has happened! For starters, on Tuesday I felt our little baby kick for the first time! It was pretty faint but I could definitely tell it was the baby and not a bodily function. I had an amniocentesis on Wednesday, which is where they take a very small gauge needle and take about 1/4 cup of amniotic fluid to culture & send to a lab for testing. We are testing the baby for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, since Jacob and I are both carriers. Before the amniocentesis, we had a full scan of the baby ohh goodness what a little goober! Our baby was putting on quite the show for us during that ultrasound, dancing around, standing, we even got a thumb in the mouth picture! 

We were able to see all of the organs, valves of the heart, different parts of the brain and even confirm the sex! We also got a 3D image as well! Between feeling the baby move around and getting to see baby move around during the ultrasound, it definitely made things more real for us! Not to mention since the baby has learned to kick s/he has been non-stop and getting very strong. On Saturday night we were finally able to actually see the kicks, and Jacob was able to feel it for the first time after hearing about me talk about it all week. I don’t think I will ever forget how his face lit up when he felt the baby kick for the first time. 

I haven’t been experiencing much symptom-wise, just feeling the baby kick all day. Oh! And I have been sleeping a lot on my days off, or just going to bed super early! On Wednesday morning I did wake up incredibly dizzy, I’m assuming it’s because the baby was pinching a nerve. So, I utilized my minimal yoga skills, and got into a downward dog pose and started gently rocking my hips to get the baby to roll around, it helped! 

Baby is weighing in at about 6.7 ounces and measuring at about 5.6 inches! Getting so big so fast! And as I’ve been feeling, baby is rolling around, kicking & punching! 

So, this week was full of memories and milestones for us, I think I covered majority of them in this update! I absolutely love that I can feel our little baby moving around in there, I also fear for when s/he gets bigger & stronger! There’s a gender reveal coming up very soon! Follow me on Instagram & Twitter to get more frequent baby updates! We’re starting on the nursery soon too! I am going to try to remember to post as much as I can about it while we work on it and decorate! That’s all I have for now! Until next time! xx


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