Week 19

One week away from the halfway point! Not a whole lot of crazy stuff happening as of late. We had an appointment with our midwife this past week, and found out that the birth center we chose will be closing TEN DAYS before I am due. So that got us talking about whether we find a new place, or take the risk and hope that the baby is born two weeks early. One of the options was starting my maternity leave on June 20th and going to the zoo every day to try and walk the baby out, but who knows if that would even work. I did tour the hospital right down the street from me, which really wasn’t my ideal scene, but if the baby’s amniocentesis comes back positive for SMA we won’t have a choice either. I am in the process of working out a flexible birth plan regardless of where we end up, because I want to make sure that the line of communication is  clear between me and whoever delivers our baby. 

Jacob and I also planned out the nursery and are super excited to start getting what we need and put it all together. I went out to a few of the antique stores in the area as well, and found some decorative goodies that I will be saving for my nursery category! 

Gender reveal is coming up this week too! Be sure to follow me on here or any of my other social media so you don’t miss out! 

A little update on me and how I’ve been feeling, nothing out of the ordinary except earlier this week I woke up around 5 am with really sharp pain under my left breast. It hurt something awful when I would exhale or lay on my left side. After a quick Google search said it was common during pregnancy, I rolled over to lay on my right side and it went away almost immediately. I still have no clue what it was though. 

Fun facts about the tiny human growing in side me, (besides practicing dance moves all day, every day) baby is delevoping nerve cells and that white protective coating, vernix caseosa. Measuring at roughly 6 inches (holy cow!) and weighing about 8 ounces! 

I started experimenting with my camera today! I always see the silhouette maternity pictures on Pinterest and needed to try it out myself, after a few not-so-perfect test shots I finally nailed it! 

I will probably be taking these weekly, as long as I remember, along with my regular ones too. I saw a few cute ones of people with their dogs, so maybe I can bribe one of my kitties with treats to try and get a cute shot.

This week was mostly a blur of work and school for me, so I can’t remember a whole lot, but Jacob informed me that when he gets into bed at night he receives quite a bit of high fives from the baby! Oh! We made our first official baby purchase, some Aden + Anais swaddles I found at TJ Maxx! I bought two packages of four for $20 each & was pretty stoked about that. We also bought some onesies today as well, I think weekly baby haul videos might be happening in the future (we shall see) or maybe I’ll do some fun flat lay pictures. 

That’s all for now dudes, subscribe/follow so you don’t miss an update! xx


3 responses to “Week 19

    • It was actually really easy! I don’t even have a tripod or anything, I just put my camera up on my dresser. I have a DSLR and I put it in manual mode with the ISO at 200, aperture at f8.0, and the shutter speed just depends on the light in the room, mine was pretty quick. I might try a slower shutter to get a more dreamy look. You ca do it with an iPhone too by just focusing on the light source instead of the subject, I’m not sure about with a digital camera. I connect my phone to my camera and get the pictures that way and edit using VSCO – I don’t ever feel like uploading them to my computer to use photoshop.

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