Week 20

Halfway there! The big 2-0! Twenty weeks! This is going to be a fairly short and sweet update, the biggest thing that happened last week was our crib purchase, oh, and a trip to the emergency room. Since the crib purchase is nursery related, I would like to keep those separate from my weekly updates. So let’s jump right into it! 

I haven’t been feeling very different from my last update, but I’ve noticed that if I’m on my feet for long enough, my right thigh will start to go numb in one spot. I chalk it up to the baby pinching a nerve, or something along those lines, because after a few yoga poses in attempt to get baby in a different position, I regain feeling back in that spot. 

On Friday night we went to the emergency room because for about 5 hours I was experiencing cramping that felt pretty close to menstrual cramps, but instead of the cramps in waves, it was just one long never ending cramp. It got to the point where I was laying on the floor at my job in the back room trying to get the pain to ease up.

 When I got home it went away for a few minutes and when it came back I decided I should probably call my midwife and ask about it. The midwife suggested that I go into the emergency room, because it could either have been a UTI or given my history of miscarriage, it could have been my cervix dialating. Naturally I began to panic and called Jacob and told him, so he left work and we went in. I explained to the receptionist what was going on, and she sent me up to labor and delivery (insert more panic). We got up to labor and delivery and they said I had to be 20 weeks to be seen up there, I didn’t realize how much of a difference a day made, so we went back down and checked into the emergency room. After waiting about 20 minutes a nurse called me back to take my vitals and a urine sample, then sent me back out into the waiting room because they didn’t have any rooms available. We waited about another hour before being called back into a room, where it was freezing! The nurse handed me a gown and had me put it on, but I left my pants on because it was so cold. After another 30 minutes they came back to listen to the baby’s heartbeat and it was there and going strong!

 Eventually the doctor came in, asked me why I was there and said something about my urine sample (I was so tired I have no idea what it was) and then she said, “well, I suppose we can do a pelvic exam if you’d like,” or something along those lines, and I said yes, because I was worried. By this point the cramping was gone, and I asked Jacob if they seemed like they didn’t really care or want to be helpful (I can be sensitive sometimes), he said yes, so I put my clothes back on and we left without saying anything to anyone. 

So, my backup hospital is scratched off the list after that experience and we are back on the hunt for a new place! 

Baby seems fine overall, I haven’t had any pain since that night either (or anything abnormal for that matter), I have no idea what the problem was, the only thing I can think of is maybe a belly growth spurt (?) but who knows. 

Time for the fun part of the post! Baby is 20 weeks, measuring at about 6.5 inches and weighing roughly 10 ounces! Still kicking and punching away like crazy in there! 

Now is about the time that most people get to find out the sex of their baby, we already know and have been working on reveal pictures! We just have a hard time with our schedules being so different and wonky, I am really hoping that we can get them all done this weekend! 

So, it wasn’t as short of a post as I expected, but hey, that’s fine by me! Be on the lookout for nursery posts because we’ve already started working on it! If you follow me on Instagram or twitter then you already know and have seen the crib, if not, here’s a sneaky peeky! 

That’s all for now, until next time! xx 


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