Week 21 

21 weeks down, 19 to go! I can officially start counting down, it’s so crazy to think that we’re officiallg over the halfway point! This is probably not going to be the most exciting update because all I’ve done this week is school and be sick! Just kidding, we had our gender reveal in between that stuff! Again if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you’ve already seen, but for those who haven’t, here was a sneak peek:

And here was the actual reveal: 

He’s a boy! And we couldn’t be more thrilled!! 

I would like to have done something more creative, but unfortunately my free time has been taken up by higher priorities, like school, work, and trying to recover. Also, Jacob and I are on almost complete opposite schedules. We managed to squeeze in coloring our hair and snapping a few photos before I had to go to work yesterday. 

I made tie dye shirts for us to wear for the picture too, but for some reason our washer paused after it filled and the shirts soaked in their own dye blood, black dye blood. I even rinsed those damn things until my hands were sore and they STILL bled and made the water opaque. Lesson of the week, don’t toss tie dyed anything in the washer and walk away unless you know the washer has actually started! 

As far as how I’ve been feeling, not too shabby, just sick with a cold from hell! Maybe it just feels like a cold from hell because I have both school and work almost every day.I already stayed home once this week though, and I really don’t want to miss anymore. For those who are familiar with cosmetology programs, missed hours can set you behind a LOT those first few weeks of class. Another thing I have been experiencing is Braxton Hicks contractions, nothing too crazy, or even painful, but they’re just there, and only once or twice in the mornings. Oh yeah, and I kinda peed myself when I sneezed the other day, but in my defense, my sick sneezes are so violent they make my throat burn. 

Baby is doing well so far! We’re still impatiently waiting for our amniocentesis results! According to my handy apps, his digestive system is getting to work and prepping for his first poopy diaper (which daddy will be changing because mommy will be resting!). Big guy is estimated to be about 10.5 inches long and 12.7 ounces, almost a pound (I’m still trying to locate the 15 pounds I’ve gained so far). 

We also started planning the nursery closet last night and bought a few things to start getting organized, but I’ll talk more about that in the nursery category I keep mentioning (I promise it’s coming!). 

Well, thats it for this weeks update, you probably won’t hear much from me until the next update again because I have an incredibly busy week ahead of me between work and school, wish me luck! And for those who continue to follow my updates, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you! Until next time! xx


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