Nursery Phase One: Planning Stage & Crib Purchase!

I’ve been trying to figure out where to start with our nursery posts, and decided to just go for it and see where writing this takes me. To some people the nursery might not be a super huge deal, but Jacob and I are taking it very seriously and super excited about putting it together. I have been plannig out the nursery basically since I found out I was pregnant (and let’s be honest, even long before that – thanks to Pinterest). You can check out what I have saved here

The “theme” we are going for is somewhat of and industrial fairytale. Our apartment building is an old basketball court turned into loft apartments, and the industrial look just fits our personal taste, as well as the look of the apartment in general. Jacob and I also both LOVE Disney and Harry Potter, so those things will be sprinkled throughout the nursery as well as other favorite stories and movies of ours. 

I have a couple of boards on Pinterest full of inspiration, from furniture to decorations, and even closet organization. I am a planner, and like to try and figure out exactly what I am going to do before I do it. If I don’t plan and just wing it, things end up looking poopy, so we are really taking our time with this one. Heh, the nursery will probably be the best looking room in our apartment. 

Since the furniture is basically the base of any room, that is what we’ve been spending the most time trying to figure out. We looked at a gazillion cribs online and at Nebraska Furniture Mart, then as we were wandering Target of all places we found one that we both loved and it fit the look we were going for. 

Here is the crib, if you haven’t seen it already. It is by the brand Simmons Kid’s. It is sold both online and in stores, the color we bought it in is called rustic white. 

Some of the reviews I read about this specific line at target said that it was very difficult to put together, specifically the dresser. However we had no problems putting the crib together! Here are a few pictures from the assembly:

I should have made Jacob man the camera a couple of times, because it looks like he’s doing all the work! It only took us about 20 Minutes to put it all together, but seeing it in the room really helped give us an idea of what else we would like to do for the room, furniture wise. I have a few things in mind, I would just like to see them in person before I make a decision (I foresee a trip to IKEA in the near future), so for now we’ve hit pause on furniture. 

If you want to check out what we’re kinda thinking, I don’t have a mood board, but I have my Pinterest, so hop on over there to check it out and get a pre-preview of how our nursery might end up looking! 


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