Our Cats

Since it’s in the name of my blog, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce my cats. I know it’s probably a little weird, but they’re my babies too! So let’s jump right into it.


Starting with my Cocoa butt because she is my little oldie, a whopping 7 years old! When I was about 13 years old, our family cat had been hit by a car. It was a devastating loss to all of us, and kept my parents from adopting another pet for years. Fast forward to summer-fall 2009 and I had really started pressuring them about wanting another cat. I literally would look on Craigslist every single day and send my mom links to cats. My moms breed of choice is Siamese, so when I had stumbled upon an ad for Cocoa and her siblings I sent it to my mom. Cocoa and her litter were abandoned in the neighborhood of the man who created the ad, my mom and I believe that it was the same litter of kittens that someone was trying to sell for outrageous prices & gave up because they were getting older. My mom gave me the go ahead to respond to the ad and figure out how much she was and if she was still available, thankfully I immediately got a response. After begging my parents agreed that we could have her, so we went and picked her up & got everything she needed. She’s always been a shy gal, but I’ve noticed that as she ages she has grown to become more and more friendly. J and I call her “the original” because she was my first baby.


Shortly after J and I moved in together, I started to get that kitten bug again. Eventually I stumbled across an ad that was posted by a local organization, Catnip and Tails, and they were looking for fosters. After pondering on it for about a week I decided to reach out to Tina, the president of the organization and we set up a time to meet and fill out some paperwork. I didn’t realize when I went in that day that I would be also making a new friend. She set me up with a mommy (Luna) and her 5 babies (Cato, sassy, Ollie, Baylee, and Sylas). Everyone got adopted, but J and I had called dibs on Ollie, there was just something about him. We knew he was supposed to be part of our family.


She was a foster fail, Tina posted about needing someone to take her and her litter in to be bottle when they were only one day old. I think they were sick because the mom abandoned them and by the time I had gotten them two had already died. My first night I lost another one, not a huge blow because we were expecting him to pass, but still unsettling. A few nights later Jacks sister, Colby, also passed. This death was far more horrific than the first one, she was perfectly healthy and in under an hour she began to fade, I fought all night to stabilize her, getting her to eat, administering fluids, eventually I gave up and just had to wait it out, so I wrapped her up in a tiny blanket & let her lay on my chest. Eventually it got unbearable and I had to go to Tina’s and we sat with her and comforted her until she passed. I cried all day from that one, just because it was so unexpected. With Jack I was a helicopter mom, she got sick like her siblings, but we were able to keep her stable and healthy. Naturally J and I knew we wouldn’t be able to adopt her out, and I am grateful that we didn’t.


Let’s not be surprised at yet ANOTHER foster fail. She was meant to be temporary and we even had a home lined up for her, that we backed out of because she chose us. I dont remeber much of her story, just that Tina had called me about her because the Vet thought she was still bottle feeding. I already had Jack so one more wasn’t going to make much of a difference. Thalia had come from a litter but was separated so Jack was her new foster sister. I am grateful for Thalia too because she was able to show Jack how to be a kitten and how to eat food properly.


So he’s not quite a cat, but he is the latest addition to our family. We got him back in July from the humane society. Poor baby had awful bumble foot and ring worm. You can’t tell in the picture, but he was missing several 1inx1in patches of fur. Even the area around his little penis was inflamed and bald. The first thing he did when we got him home was roll around in his new dust bath at least 2 times. Thankfully we were able to get that all taken care of and he is now living in a 4 foot mansion, being spoiled by us & tormenting the kitties.

That’s all for our fur family! Here’s a little collage of my successful fosters & my currents as well.

Alrighty! So, starting from the top row left to right we have, Baylee, Sassy, and Cato. Next row is Sylas, Luna, and Alaska. Final row are my current fosters, Artemis and Alpine. Alpine already has an adopter & once we get his eye all healed up he will be going to his new mommy. That just leaves us with Artemis, she’s so loving I’m sure we won’t have trouble placing her.

If you haven’t gathered by now, I LOVE animals, specifically cats, and I wouldn’t change anything about the work I’ve done with them. That’s all for now! xx